Bacillus cereus Test



Turnaround Time:

2-3 Days

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Bacillus cereus Test

Method Description

Bacillus Cereus testing is performed by selective agar plates. Bacillus Cereus is commonly found in soil, dust, and various food products. It can produce heat-resistant endospores, allowing it to survive harsh conditions, including cooking and food processing. Bacillus Cereus is known for causing foodborne illnesses, typically associated with the consumption of contaminated foods.

Analyte List

Analyte Name LOD LOQ
Bacillus Cereus 100 CFU/g 100 CFU/g

Technical Data Sheet

Test Name - Common
Bacillus cereus Test
Method Name
Enumeration of Presumptive Bacillus cereus
Method Code
Bacara Agar Plating
Method Reference
FDA BAM Chapter 14
Reportable Unit
Sample Size Requirements
Food Products: 100 grams Dietary Supplements: 50 grams
Available for
Dietary Supplements, Food Products
Additional Information
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