Melatonin Test



Turnaround Time:

2-3 Days


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Melatonin Test

Method Description

The Determination of Melatonin by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode Array Detection (HPLC-DAD) involves extracting melatonin from samples and subjecting them to liquid chromatography. The diode array detector precisely identifies and quantifies melatonin based on its characteristic absorption spectra. This sensitive and selective method provides accurate measurements of melatonin levels in various samples, making it invaluable for research in neurochemistry, sleep medicine, and dietary supplement manufacturing. The HPLC-DAD analysis ensures the reliable determination of melatonin concentrations, supporting quality control and compliance with regulatory standards in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Analyte List

Analyte Name LOD LOQ
Melatonin 0.025 mg/g 0.05 mg/g

Technical Data Sheet

Test Name - Common
Melatonin Test
Method Name
Determination of Caffeine and Melatonin by HPLC
Method Code
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode-Array Detection (HPLC-DAD)
Method Reference
Reportable Unit
Sample Size Requirements
Available for
Food Products, Dietary Supplements, Botanicals (Raw Materials, Extracts, Finished Products), API (Isolates, Active Ingredients) Cannabis & Hemp (Plant Materials, Extracts, Isolates, MIPs)
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