Plant Pathogen - Powdery Mildew Test



Turnaround Time:

2-3 Days


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Plant Pathogen  - Powdery Mildew Test

Method Description

Powdery Mildew is a fungal disease that causes white to gray powdery patches to develop on leaves, stems and flowers of infected plants. It can weaken plants, reduce photosynthesis and cause premature leaf drop or fruit deformities. Powder Mildew testing uses plant tissue and qPCR to detect this plant fungal disease.

Analyte List

Analyte Name LOD LOQ
Powdery Mildew N/A N/A

Technical Data Sheet

Test Name - Common
Plant Pathogen - Powdery Mildew Test
Method Name
Plant Pathogen Detection by qPCR
Method Code
AriaMx Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Instrument
Method Reference
Reportable Unit
Sample Size Requirements
At least 2 inches of root, one leaf, or 2 grams of soil
Available for
Cannabis leaves or roots, soil
Additional Information
*Prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.