Total Yeast & Mold Test



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2-3 Days


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Total Yeast & Mold Test

Method Description

The Total Yeast and Mold (TYM) plating method involves assessing microbial contamination in various samples by cultivating viable microorganisms. After sample dilution, the diluted aliquots are spread onto selective agar plates. Incubation follows, allowing yeast and mold colonies to proliferate. Following incubation, colonies are counted, and results are expressed as colony-forming units (CFU) per unit volume.

Analyte List

Technical Data Sheet

Test Name - Common
Total Yeast & Mold Test
Method Name
Enumeration of Yeast and Mold in Foods and Dietary Supplements
Method Code
3M Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced
Method Reference
AOAC 2014.05, Modified USP <61>, Modified USP <2021>
Reportable Unit
CFU/g, Swabs: CFU/Swab
Sample Size Requirements
Available for
Food Products, Dietary Supplements, Botanicals (Raw Materials, Extracts, Finished Products), API (Isolates, Active Ingredients), Cannabis & Hemp (Plant Materials, Concentrates, MIP's)
Additional Information
These are usually considered significant spoilage organisms in high acid or low water activity products. They can also serve as quality indicators in grain ingredients and products. Both yeasts and molds cause various degrees of deterioration and decomposition of foods. They can invade and grow on virtually any type of food at any time; they invade crops such as grains, nuts, beans, and fruits in fields before harvesting and during storage. They also grow on processed foods and food mixtures. Their delectability in or on foods depends on food type, organisms involved, and degree of invasion. The contaminated food may be slightly blemished, severely blemished, or completely decomposed, with the actual growth manifested by rot spots of various sizes and colors, unsightly scabs, slime, white cottony mycelium, or highly-colored sporulating mold. (BAM Online 2001 Chapter 18 //
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