Water Activity



Turnaround Time:

2-3 Days


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Water Activity

Method Description

Water activity (aw) is a measure of the free water content available for microbial and chemical reactions within a substance. Represented on a scale from 0 to 1, it signifies the ratio of water vapor pressure in a product to the vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature. A crucial parameter in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, water activity influences product stability, shelf life, and safety. Higher water activity levels create a more conducive environment for spoilage and microbial growth, making accurate measurement vital for quality control and regulatory compliance.

Analyte List

Analyte Name LOD LOQ
Water Activity N/A N/A

Technical Data Sheet

Test Name - Common
Water Activity
Method Name
Determination of Water Activity
Method Code
Water Activity Meter
Method Reference
USP <922>
Reportable Unit
Sample Size Requirements
1 gram
Available for
Food, Dietary Supplements, Botanicals (Raw materials, Extracts, Finished Products) Cannabis & Hemp (plant Materials, Concentrates, MIPs, Beverages)
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