Efficient Process Controls, Refined Formulations, Scaleable GMPs and Documentation for Kratom & Kava

May 3, 2024

The wellness consumer is now, more than ever, eager to see food products grow into their role as dietary medicine. Effective plant medicines such as mitragynine (Kratom Leaf), and kavalactones (Kava Kava) are now commonly used as ingredients in supplement products to enhance the wellness features of brands and offer consumers new solutions to chronic symptoms.

Kratom and Kava brands are now presented with an opportunity to differentiate by increasing the sophistication and consistency of their manufacturing processes-- so when they hit grocery-store shelves, their products will fit right in with the more traditional supplements. The expectations for food and dietary supplements products in the U.S. are exceedingly high. Kratom and Kava brands can pull ahead of the competition by ensuring consistent, high quality products that do not deviate in therapeutic effect.

Consumer expectations for quality are met through expert implementation of efficient process controls, refined formulations, and scaleable GMPs and documentation. As your Kratom or Kava brand grows, consider investing in these areas of your business, and keep your product on the top shelf.

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