Your Partner in Precisely Colored Ingredients

December 6, 2023

Have you considered examining the colors of your botanical ingredients products with fine scrutiny? At Cambium Analytica, we understand that color is one of the most critical factors for determining quality, as well as maximizing consistency and product appeal.

Color is one of the most significant aspects that customers consider when choosing ingredient products. It influences the end consumers’ perceptions of taste, freshness, and overall quality; therefore it is very important that your products are chromatically on point.

Cambium Analytica offers CIELab color analysis to help ingredient suppliers understand the color-related qualities of their products. CIELab is a scientific method that measures and quantifies color - the perfect tool for determining consistent color from batch to batch.

CIELab color analysis for botanical ingredients has the following benefits:

• Ensure that your products meet consumer expectations for color

• Eliminate the guesswork from product development

• Identify and correct color variations early on

• Analyze product quality during shelf stability

• Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

Cambium Analytica’s CIELab color analysis can help your product reach top performance in the botanical ingredient industry. Contact us today to accelerate your color standards!

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